Shaun Tan, The Singing Bones: Bones and Snippets

For the last few days, I’ve been preoccupied by Shaun Tan’s illustrations for the Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Tan created sculptures corresponding to 75 of the fairy tales, each photographed and presented alongside a snippet of the original narrative.

Shaun Tan, The Singing Bones
Shaun Tan, The Singing Bones

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Review essay: Allowing a Lapse

The Cambridge Quarterly has just published my review essay on Elisha Cohn’s very thought-provoking book Still Life: Suspended Development in the Victorian Novel (Oxford, 2016). You can read my review here.

The book is also brilliantly discussed in one of the v21 Collective’s ‘Collations’, linked to here. And you can read the thoughts of Raphael Lyne, editor of CQ, about the book over here on his blog.