My Top 5 PhD Playlist (or, Five Minutes of Procrastination)

What music do you listen to as you work?

For me, anything goes for emails or repetitive tasks. But for work which needs sustained thought, I need to avoid music which might intrude – either with lyrics which distract from what I’m reading/writing, or simply because it’s so wonderful I can’t let it fade into the background.

This means I can’t listen to music I really love while I write or read. And if it has lyrics, they need to be very subtle.

Hence: my PhD playlist. The top 5 songs/albums which are getting me through a very work-heavy period.

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Conference Report: New Work in Modernist Studies

Last Saturday was a major milestone of my first term as a DPhil: the New Work in Modernist Studies conference, run by the British Association for Modernist Studies (BAMS). It was my first ever conference, and I was fairly (read extremely) nervous, but I’d heard good things. A relaxed atmosphere, helpful feedback, great people.

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