Flat Lowry

When I go to art galleries, and afterwards pop into the gift shop, I can never find postcards of the pictures I really liked. So I carry a ghost gallery in my head: Ed and Melody by Robert Mapplethorpe (1988); Stanley Spencer’s The Dustman (1934)…

At the Lowry in Salford, I twisted the postcard display in vain – because the images I liked weren’t the ‘matchstalk men’ that come to mind when we think of L. S. Lowry:

Image result for lowry match
L. S. Lowry, ‘Going to the Match’ (1928)

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The Stevie Smith Archive: Five Treasures

I’ve been back from Tulsa, where I was working in the Stevie Smith archive, for about three weeks now.  It was a very rich trip, and I will take some time to process all the treasures I found there.

Today, though: some of the quirkier finds in the archive.

  1. A lock of Stevie Smith’s hair
A lock of Stevie Smith's hair.
A lock of Stevie Smith’s hair. Stevie Smith papers, 1924-1970. Coll. No. 1976.012. McFarlin Library. Department of Special Collections and University Archives. The University of Tulsa.

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Postcards from Virago Press: Stevie Smith’s ‘Me Again’

What I like about post cards is that even if in an envelope, they are made to circulate like an open but illegible letter… (Derrida, The Post Card)

Last week, I blogged about the new edition of Novel on Yellow Paper, of which Virago Books very kindly sent me a copy.

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