Eerie and Savage: Cats in Smith and Grandville

‘…now I think Grandville stands first for me for cat-fancies, certainly for cat-fancies in pictures, he is so mad.’ – Stevie Smith, introduction to Cats in Colour

Image from J. J. Grandville's Adventures of a French Cat: a cat couple on a rooftop, looking in through a window as other cats move around them
Image from J. J. Grandville’s Adventures of a French Cat

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Laughter in ‘Nodding’

Tizdal my beautiful cat
Lies on the old rag mat
In front of the kitchen fire.
Outside the night is black.

In ‘Nodding‘, Smith’s speaker sits serenely in front of the fire, with a big cat asleep on the rug.

‘Cat, night, fire – and a girl nodding.’

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